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To harness the transformative power of the creative process to promote healing, self-discovery and overall well-being. Art therapy is to provide a therapeutic space where individuals can express and explore their thoughts, emotions, and experiences through various art forms. The primary goals include fostering personal growth, enhancing emotional resilience, and supporting individuals on their journey towards mental, emotional, and psychological wellness. Additionally, the mission of art therapy extends to creating an inclusive and non-judgmental environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds can engage in the healing potential of artistic expression. Art therapy aims to empower individuals to tap into their inner creativity as a means of communication, self -reflection, and transformation, ultimately contributing to a more enriched and fulfilling life.

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My Story

I am a Christian Coach/Mentor. I became Ordained in 2013 on my birthday to be exact. I had been in pulpits, on tv ministering but these where not as fulfilling as being a coach/mentor on a one-on-one basis. I enjoy helping people individually or in a small group where we can create a safe environment to explore our emotion look into our minds in order to master it. Take our thoughts captive and understand why we felt that way. I like to incorporate Art Therapy into the session as it is a safe way to examine ourselves without judgement. With that said, this has come about from my own journey in renewing my mind. I once was hung up on my past and all the hurt it brought. I knew I no longer wanted to live in my past, especially living the wounds over and over again. So I started my journey towards a resilient mind, using biblical scripture and art as my healing arsenals. That's enough about me for now. I am more interested in you  and how I can help you achieve a reliant mind. I will share more about me later.


I'm always looking for ways I can help other's.  Let's connect.


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